Product Care


Treat all jewelry with care and avoid harsh conditions.  Do not expose to chemicals.  Be wary of rough surfaces, which can cause scratches to the metal. 


To prevent tarnishing, store clean, dry silver and brass in a jewelry pouch, box or Ziploc bag. An anti-tarnish strip may also be kept with it. To prevent scratching, keep all of your pieces separate from one another, either store them individually or wrap in tissue. Avoid leaving pieces in a humid place (such as a bathroom) for extended periods, as this will cause tarnishing faster.




To clean your silver, use a polishing cloth on a regular basis.  If the piece needs a more thorough cleaning, gently hand wash in warm water with mild dish soap. The piece may be lightly scrubbed with a soft toothbrush to breakdown tougher tarnish.  Rinse well and dry completely before storing (always avoid moisture!). 


To clean your brass, make a mixture of baking soda, lemon juice and water and apply to the piece with a cloth. Gently rub onto metal.  Rinse thoroughly under running water. Dry completely and buff with clean cloth. This should return the shine to its original state.


 * If your jewelry has gemstones, do not submerge it in water.  Simply use a cloth or towel to apply cleaning liquid directly to the metal piece.