Before Aniram Revah was a jewelry line, it was a passion. Originally inspired by Balinese silversmith work, the designs and the desire continually grew. It was a creative outlet and a way for me to express myself, find inspiration, and create beauty. Eventually it evolved into a passion I longed to share.  

In 2014, after graduating university I traveled to Bali to complete my 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training with Frog Lotus Yoga. I spent just over a month immersed in yoga and balinese culture. This experience taught me so much about myself and greatly expanded my horizons.  I had never felt so inspired and in love with life! While exploring Ubud, Bali's artistic and cultural center, I found a deep adoration for their beautifully crafted silver and brass jewelry pieces, so I signed up for a workshop in order to try my hand at it!  After spending a whole afternoon designing and sawing and filing and polishing my very own (simple but gorgeous) pieces, I wanted to do more.  It was like my very own working meditation.  So, I returned the next day...and the next.  When I left Bali, I still craved to learn more as I walked away with a special place in my heart for silversmith work.

After gaining more entrepreneurial experience, I took my passion for silversmith work and my general love of freedom, and ran with it.  After additional courses, and a decent amount of sweat and tears, I created another piece of myself- this jewelry line, Aniram Revah! 

I am continually drawing inspiration from the powerful and incredible women I see and meet everyday.  There are so many women out there kicking ass and taking names and it is that energy that keeps me going and makes me want to create beautiful pieces that embody that power.  I put love and light into everything I create, and when I'm designing a piece I feel connected to the special woman who will wear it. Aniram Revah is truly my passion project--created by women, for women, to empower women. 

Whenever I sit down to design a piece I ask, "What would I make my sister? My best friend? Myself?" It's a thoughtful and introspective process, and I feel my art reflects that.

Aniram Revah’s silver jewelry is made with both fine and sterling silver, where appropriate.  Fine silver is used on delicate pieces to maintain a clean, soft look and is known for its tarnish resistance. Sterling silver is selected for the parts and pieces of jewelry that will see more day to day wear and tear, as it is used for its strength and durability.  Aniram’s brass jewelry is crafted with fine jeweler’s brass, for its coloring and strength. 

Handcrafted pendants are carefully paired with Italian made sterling silver chains and U.S. made 14kgf chains. 

All jewelry is packaged carefully and neatly in our Aniram Revah brand jewelry gift boxes and pouches. 

Special requests for customized pieces are always welcomed.